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Jaxon, Texas

One year ago I felt the power of a gun in Texas. And how crazy it was they let me shoot just because I asked. Later that week I felt the power of Foundation Workshop and the power of a warm family.

I went to the workshop to “find my own voice” in photography and came back without a voice. Questioning everything and especially my foundations in life. What’s in a name. Shooting weddings this year was a real struggle and still it was a blast at the same time.

A lot has changed in 2018. Made some new friends and some friendships evolved. In a bad way and in a good way! I know what gives me energy. What helps me grow.

I hated the fearless conference in Split because if felt like shit, but I conquered a small Croatian propeller plane. And read an article about plane crashes during that flight. Fearless. In Split my wall came down. I opened up.

10 years ago my job was subsidised because I was unemployed for a while, the contract was for one year and I earned 1100 euro. With the money from that job I bought my first camera. And had no savings anymore. On the 7th of march 2009 I shot my first picture with a canon 1000D and a kitlens. It was a dark black and white picture. I knew I had find my thing.

Now I love to shoot in color. Capturing love, happiness, sadness.

In a decade a lot happens. My mother and grandparents passed away, I started working as an independent photographer, met my wife, got married and we decided to adopt a child. Maybe this year our family will expand with our child, I’m ready for it!

I stopped evolving at a certain point, lost the fresh view and had no goal. After Texas it was like I crashed, my body was totally loss. At the end of the year going to a conference in Puerto Rico and shooting a memorial in San Diego or shooting in NY, family stuff and street photography, was the best decision in years. I completed the puzzle and have more energy than ever. Ready to shoot weddings, with more energy and inspiration than I ever had.

So time to change some stuff too. Time to work faster and time to shoot different stuff! After a year of struggle I’m back in full force! 🙂