Maarten Devoldere (Belgium, °1983) is a professional fine art photographer born and bred in Roeselare. Once an altar boy, later a chain smoker, he eventually understood that photography was his true calling. He encountered the hobby of his life, and managed to get paid for it to boot. Since that day he hasn’t ceased to focus on all things spontaneous. Maarten wants to observe, rather than direct. Maarten’s work on his hometown oozes with the spirit of the city, while avoiding the cliché. Roeselare remains his basecamp from where he aims his typical gaze upon Belgium and the world. This black-and-white afficionado has a soft spot for colour. Always retaining his personal approach, he is as passionate about his “wedding journalism” as his free work. He is a starfucker with a self-timer, who got married without taking a selfie. You can always encounter Maarten at the right moment at the right spot. Hence his crede: capturing coincidence is no coincidence.